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Best Places to visit in London

London offers plenty of attractions to visitors, so a short trip will not be long enough to experience everything the city has to offer. This short guide can serve you if you intend to see the best sites available in London. Take advantage of the many transportation options, such as the eccentric double decker bus or the tube. The most... Continue Reading

What to do in Valencia: Top attractions & places to visit

Tour the Silk Exchange The 15th-century mercantile exchange is a towering masterpiece of gothic architecture. It’s always at the top of any list of things to see in Valencia, thanks to the imposing façade. Stepping through the front doors, you need to strain your neck to take in the impressive views of the massive vaulted ceilings. While at the Silk... Continue Reading

Tips for Travel to Europe in the Summer

Are you packing for a trip to Europe this summer? Yes? Great. Although you might be tempted to throw together your usual summer getaway essentials in your suitcase and call it day, wait. There are a few summertime essentials in North America that, if worn in Europe, could flag you as a tourist. Similarly, there are a couple of additional things you should... Continue Reading