London, England

Leaving and Returning Date: 05 October, 2020 - 11 October, 2020

Location for departure: San Fransico

Available Seats: 100

Price: $ 2,000 euros

Travel Itinerary

Day 1.

Ditch the crowds and follow your local guide, starting at iconic Trafalgar Square, near the National Gallery, where you will begin to learn the history of these regiments. From there you’ll make your way to the Horse Guards Palace where the Calvary on Guard includes more than a few impressive steeds that take part in the ceremony. Head up the Duke of York Steps, near the monumental Admiralty Arch before learning about various monarchs like George VI and Elizabeth in front of their statues. Stroll the Mall to St. James Palace, but be mindful to arrive on time to witness the inspection of the soldiers. You’ll then follow your guide and the new regiment along the Mall to the monumental Buckingham Palace and watch the entire spectacle unfold before your eyes, without getting lost in the crowds. Follow the now-off-duty troops to the Wellington Barracks to end the tour, and continue your London adventures knowing that you have participated fully in one of the world’s most famous rituals.

Day 2.

When the sun goes down over London the attractions are floodlit and this view of London is not to be missed. London takes on a different kind of splendrous and a magical atmosphere when the sun sets and the lights come on. Many of London’s iconic building are artistically and creatively lit up just for your enjoyment and appreciation.

Day 3.

Follow the footsteps of the Royal family and discover London’s royal history and highlights together with a local private guide. Learn about the connections between the monarchs and different monuments and soak up the atmosphere of this cosmopolitan area.

Day 4.

Check out Westminster Palace, the Royal Banqueting Hall, and St. James’ Palace. Your private guide will show you the house that doubled as Buckingham Palace in films and TV.

Your icing on the cake is a visit to the world’s most famous residence: Buckingham Palace. Admire the imperial exterior, wave to the famous red-coated soldiers, and enjoy the atmosphere. Don’t forget to ask your private guide for recommendations that will make the rest of your stay in London memorable.

Day 5.

Passing by some of London’s most famous landmarks and palaces, we’ll delve down seldom-trod paths, known almost only to the locals. We will also pass some of the oldest boutiques in London, many of which still provide goods and services for the current Royals and one in particular that provided Winston Churchill with his trademark hats.

Day 6.

London by night is an impressive sight to behold. The reflections along the Thames and the city lights that make this renowned city irresistible. Grab a tripod and a scarf for a three-hour exploration of London on a private tour where we will teach you how to make beautiful night time images through mastering the most challenging elements of photography.